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About: The Ideea Europeana Publishing – The Ideea Europeana Cultural Foundation

The Ideea Europeana Cultural Foundation was founded in 2003 (Bucharest).

The Ideea Europeana Publishing works under its aegis.

Ideea Europeana (The European Idea Brand) is the title of a reputed journal of philosophy founded and steered by philosopher Constantin Radulescu Motru in the first half of the the last century (1919).

The “Ideea Europeana” Cultural Foundation is in this way taking up an important cultural tradition of Romania, setting out to launch and promote the values of democracy, multicultural dialogue, authentic values of the living Romanian culture, including literature, so as to insert them into the web of European and world goods.

The “Ideea Europeana” Cultural Foundation means prestige, a precise direction in culture, style, professionalism, the cult of well-done work, efficiency, the cult of friendship.

The “Ideea Europeana” Publishing has already brought out about 630 consecrated titles, their publication being accompanied by public launches, debates, public readings.

The “Ideea Europeana” body of contributors includes classics, such as Leo Tolstoi, F. Dostoevsky Rainer Maria Rilke, J.W. Goethe, Gilbert Durand etc., while the group of contemporaries includes Ion Ianosi, Janina Ianosi, Nicolae Balota (France), Stefan Borbély, Irina Petras, Monica Savulescu Voudouri, Victor Ivanovici (Greece), S. Damian (Germany), Philipe Palini (Italy) etc. Great books have been translated from French, German, Russian, Italian a.o. with the assistance of the Nicolae Iorga” Cultural Centre (French Embassy to Romania), of publishers: Gallimard, PUF (France), VECE (Russia), French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Embassy of the Azerbaijan Republic to Romania, Fund for Central and East European Book Project, Romania’s Ministry of Culture, Cults and Cultural Patrimony, Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Department for the Romanian Diaspora, The Romanian Writers’ Union, The Moldavian Writers’ Union, etc.

Several series have been published under the “Ideea Europeana” logo: 100 Masterpieces, Dictionaries · Encyclopaedias, Fiction, History, Theory & Literary Criticism, etc. The “Ideea Europeana” Club housed debates on European models ranging from classical times to fully-blown modernity: Leo Tolstoy, F. Dostoevsky, Rainer Maria Rilke, Friedrich Nietzsche, Nicolae Balota, etc.

“Ideea Europeana” is a regular contributor to national and international Book Fairs. The display of the “Ideea Europeana” Publishing books was appreciated in Book Exhibitions in France, Israel, Italy, Hungary, Austria, UK, China, Germany, etc.

Our publishing output includes classics of Romanian, French, English, Russian and other national literatures. All these books are posted on our site:


Ideea Europeana (The European Idea) is the Editor of the Punctul critic (The Critical Point) from 2013.

Punctul critic (The Critical Point) – Journal of Social, Political and Cultural Diagnosis

The critical point is distributed in Romania and abroad. Its Advisory Board is made up of national and international personalities who are guarantors for its substantial content and objective analyses and studies.

Leaving aside the intrinsic interest aroused by the themes discussed, the distinguishing mark of the journal is the blend of contributors, some of them being researchers possessed of an academic background, while others are involved in the cultural-artistic environment.

The mix of contributors treating the same theme but from quite distinct perspectives make this journal look like a telling sample of the Romanian intelligentsia’s concerns, which cover the most relevant economic, social and cultural aspects of the nation’s life. The contributions of foreign personalities on international topics are landmarks and referential points on the way to genuine intellectual progress.

Punctul critic (The Critical Point), founded in 2010, is a national journal for social, political and cultural diagnosis.

Web site:

Romanian Ministry of Culture, Cults and Cultural Patrimony, National Museum of Romanian Literature, Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Department for the Romanian Diaspora, Ministry of Culture and Education, The National Authority for Scientific Research, The Romanian Cultural Institute, The Romanian Writers’ Union, The Moldavian Writers’ Union, The Centre for the Research of the Jews’ History in Romania of the Hebrew University, The Cultural Centre in Jerusalem, The Association of the Romanian-Speaking Writers in Israel, The Haifa Cultural Centre, and other Romanian and foreign institutions.

Contributors from
Romania, France, Israel, Germany, Greece, USA, Switzerland, Russia, a.o.

Reading tours, touring libraries, debates, national conferences, jointly with the “Idea Eurpeana“ Cultural Foundation and the EuroPress Association (Iasi, Cluj, Ploiesti, Bucuresti, Timisoara, etc.) – Europian (Salonic, Delphi, Athens) and non-European (Tel Aviv, Jerusalim, Haifa).

The PromoCult Programme, joined by the “Contemporanul” Association and the EuroPress Association, included a tour of conferences, debates and public reading sessions under the heading “Romanian Writers and the Diaspora. Greece.”

Media Partners:
Literary Conversations, Poetry, Literary Dacia, Romania’s Cultural Broadcasting, Romania’s Cultural Channel,, Romania’s News Channel, Romanian Federation of Publishers and Booksellers, Romanian Association of Literary Journals and Publishers, European Journals and Other Media Association, Mediafax.

Romanian Federation of Publishers and Booksellers, Romanian Association of Literary Journals and Publishers.

All rights reserved. Responsibility over the contents lies solely with the authors. No part of this volume may be reproduced or transmitted under any circumstance and by no means, electronically or mechanically, including through photocopying, recording or through any storage and data accessing system, without the written consent of the Cultural Foundation Ideea Europeana Publishing House.

Any violation of these provisions automatically leads to legal liability in front of the national and international laws regarding intellectual property.


© The Ideea Europeana Cultural Foundation

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