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The Punctul critic Journal no. 05 (5) /2012: The state and the national minorities

The Punctul critic Journal no. 05 (5) /2012:
The state and the national minorities

Eugen Uricaru: Good Laws and Good Citizens

The state and the national minorities
PhD. Mihai Milca: The National Minorities under the Burden of History
PhD. Andrei Marga: Multiple Identities and the Construction of Identity – the case of the European Rrom population –
PhD. Vasile Leca: The Balkan Policy and the Minorities
Andreas Grip: The Immigration Phenomenon and the „Parallel Society”
Adrian Mac Liman: The „Coffee for All” Phenomenon Towards the End
PhD. Marius Văcărelu: The Protection of the Majority in front of the Minority
PhD. Corneliu Zeană: The Aromanian Issue
Veronica Dumitrașcu: Ukraine’s policy to assimilate Romanians in Northern Bucovina

PhD. Vasile Neacșa: The Role of Negotiation in International Relations and Public Administration

Fund and form
PhD. Valeriu Antonovici: Virtues and Servitude of Patriotic labour

Current issue colaborators:
• Valeriu Antonovici, PhD. in Political Science
• Veronica Dumitrașcu, sociologist, researcher
• Andreas Grip, sociologist
• Vasile Leca, expert in Balkanic political issues, ambassador
• Adrian Mac Liman, professor of Political Science at the Barcelona University
• Andrei Marga, PhD., Rector of the al Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
• Vasile Neacșa, PhD. – Institute for Studies in International Relations and Public Policy (ISIRP), Bruxelles, University of Liege, University of Finance and Banking
• Marius Văcărelu, doctor of Administrative Sciences
• Corneliu Zeanã, physician, PhD.

The texts were translated in English by PhD. Flavia Toader, Daniela Aelenei, Andreea Păunoiu

University of Finance and Banking

PUNCTUL CRITIC – Quarterly social, political and cultural diagnostic
Founder: Eugen Uricaru

Scientific Board:
• Bernard Castelli, Researche and Development Institute in Paris (IRD)
• Septimiu Chelcea, University of Bucharest
• Marco Lucchesi, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
• Andrei Marga, Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca
• Vasile Pușcaș, Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca

Editorial Board:
Director: Mihai Milca
Editor in Chief: Iacob Florea

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